In his own words…..

“When my parents arrived in Australia in the 1970’s, they were poor, uneducated and spoke no English. However, like many post-WW2 immigrants, they were hard workers – with a commitment to making a better life for my sister and I, in this strange, new country.

While there was never enough money for luxuries, Mum and Dad had a strong religious faith, family values and a work ethic that gave us the solid foundations upon which to build our lives… even though we didn’t realize it at the time.”

Taking Action #1

“You see, I was easily distracted – especially when it came to going to high school! Rather than taking what seemed to be the long road to riches: doing well at school, to college etc, I decided that starting a heavy metal band and earning a fortune in royalties was a much better way to go!

That I couldn’t read music, didn’t have an instrument, or know how to play one, were just ‘details’. I became inspired, possibly for the first time in my life, to TAKE ACTION to make my dream happen.

I changed subjects at school, from Ancient History to Music (with, I have no doubt, the encouragement of my Ancient History teacher!), and with the support of a very patient music teacher, I learned to play guitar. And so began an ongoing love affair with the instrument.

After all, I was going to be a rock star.

Steven Essa Concert

In the early days after school I followed my dream, and formed a heavy metal band which enjoyed early successes in the local music scene, including playing at Australia’s premier live music event (see picture of me at The Big Day Out in 1999 – its hard to look scary when you’re smiling all the time!).

As anyone who has been in a band will know, it’s almost impossible to eke out a living by performing, and such was the case with ours. So, after several years touring Australia and attempts at breaking into the United States music scene, I finally realized that this would not be my path to fame and fortune, and the band became a sideline.”

Taking Action #2

“For several years, my life became a kaleidoscope of uplifting and beneficial experiences mixed with frustration and failure. I was an apprentice panel beater (fixing bent cars), a telemarketer, maintenance man, network marketer, property investor, and full-time carer to my parents.

To say that these were all ‘character building’ years would be an understatement. But at no time did I ever think ‘this is it’ for me – I knew that there were bigger and better things ahead, perhaps just around the corner. So I prayed for guidance.

Steven Essa Seminar

In February 2008, I was given a copy of Brett McFall’s ‘How To Make Money While You Sleep’. After meeting Brett, and TAKING ACTION by requesting his mentorship, my life changed. I embraced Brett’s concepts for creating recipes for success in niches, and applied these to running highly profitable webinars.

Right from the start, when I was successful in raising $30,000 in 30 days for my church. I soon after discovered webinars and started making money instantly. I knew that webinars, and the continually evolving strategies, tools and techniques used to make them profitable, were my ‘thing’.

Now recognized as a world-leader in this niche, by speaking at major online business and internet marketing events around the world, I show others that by automating webinar processes they can create new businesses, and turbo-charge the profits of existing businesses.

I continue to learn from others, and devour books (particularly those of American business and investment coach, Robert Kiyosaki). Investing in my education now has a direct impact on both my business and personal development. It is never too late to learn what it takes to be successful – you just have to recognize opportunities when they appear, and take the action needed to make them a reality.

Which leads me to………..

Taking Action #3 

“In 2011 I met Corinna, the woman of my dreams, and early in 2012 I TOOK ACTION and asked her to be my wife. We married in Greece in June 2012. We share a love of the dynamic online environment, and systems for streamlining online business systems (Corinna’s specialty is social media marketing).

Together we live our shared dreams: traveling the world, speaking at high-level live events, developing and sharing new systems and tools, and enjoying the fruits of this amazing journey.”

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