• Steven Essa

    NUMBER 1

    World Expert In Webinars

Using creative webinar strategies within your marketing activities
regardless of the size of your business, will take it to a whole new level.

Let me show you how.


Steven Essa Can Help You To……

Conduct Professional Webinars

With training that includes copywriting, interviews, webinar setup and best practices.

Automate The Webinar-Sales Process

By creating and managing databases, and strategically placing webinars within your sales funnel.

Leverage Webinars For Maximum Profit

By recruiting affiliates, embedding webinars on your sites, and using social media and other tools for their marketing.

Steven’s Rep…..

  • 1
    Home Grown Integrity
    Steven brings to his business the values instilled in him by a close-knit family – he was raised on a diet of faith and honesty. A proud Aussie from a working-class background, he today travels the world with his bride Corinna ‘living the dream’.
  • 2
    With a love of technology and online business, particularly Webinars, Steven always has an eye on new trends, strategies and tools that will help his clients and students grow their businesses, and in the process, grow his own.
  • 3
    Results Driven
    Success breeds success, and Steven’s steady rise to the top of his chosen field has been built upon the implementation of new learnings and seizing opportunities that come his way. His knowledge and expertise in the Webinar niche is unparalleled.
  • 4
    Gifted Speaker
    Steven’s love of the stage might have been spawned from his time touring the world as bass player in a heavy metal band…. but whatever the reason, he is engaging, and consistently wins ‘Best Speaker’ awards at internet business events, all around the world.

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