It’s takes a certain kind of person to build a traditional business. But I believe anybody can start a web business. (so long as they are willing)

Over the years and after training thousands of established and budding web business owners, I’ve come to realise a few things.

One of them is that the information available about building a web business is simply overwhelming, and a confused mind can’t make the right decisions.

The second realisation I’ve had is that to succeed in anything, it takes a certain “being”. In other words, you have to be committed, driven and responsible instead of being scared of failing and being blameful for your situation or circumstances.

And in order to have a break – through business, you first need to “break” these patterns.

But then what? How do you push yourself even further? The answer is simple:

You challenge yourself.

That’s right. To achieve more you need to stretch your comfort zones, and remember, money is always outside your comfort zone.

A simple way to get out of your comfort zone is setting yourself challenges.

I’ve found there are 2 main ways to build a successful web business.

1. Use your knowledge or expertise in a niche market and sell your products and services online.

2. Use somebody else’s knowledge or expertise in a niche market, help them create products and services, manage their online marketing for them and take up to a 50% share in the company.

The first option is great, but what ends up happening if you’re the expert is that you work 12-16 hours a day.

How do I know?

Because I did it… and sure the money in my web business was great. But I wasn’t free.

However the advantage of starting this way was that I got to experience what it’s like being the expert and discovered another niche. Experts need somebody else to manage their web business because they are busy working with their clients, creating new products and services, giving speeches or writing their next best selling book.

This is why at my upcoming 3-day Web Business Breakthrough event not only will I be training you how to break your old patterns, I will also challenge you.

I am going to make you stand on stage and share your business idea. Then, one lucky person will be selected so I turn this idea into a $10,000 a month business in just 90 minutes. To prove you can do the same.

I’ve done this in over 12 cities around the world and generated and given away to audience members a total of $300,000. LIVE onstage.

This time, it’s your turn.

If you’d like to have an unfair advantage in order to be the one selected, click here to register now for your Web Business Breakthrough


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