I discovered some time back that if you’re going to be selling anyway, you might as well sell big.

Also known as “big ticket items” selling high end products and services is the exact same process as selling a low ticket items. You’re simply offering more value.

Selling high end products and services has huge benefits and very little downside. They can double, triple and even quadruple your income.

Works great for coaching, consulting, service providers and many other professionals.

Selling “big ticket items” are easiest to sell via a webinar or onstage.

Benefits include;

– you pick and choose your clients.

– you don’t have to sell many products or services to hit your income goals.

– you can deliver better customer service because you don’t need as many customers.

– usually a big ticket item purchaser is more qualified, because the fact they’ve got the money and are prepared to pay you, usually means they’re pretty smart.

Want to know more?

At the Web Business Breakthrough I will reveal how to create and sell “big ticket items” on webinars.

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