Getting webinar audience members is very important. However, if at least 10% don’t convert into sales, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Should you wish to increase the conversion rate of your webinar considerably, make sure you implement the strategies listed below:

1. Run your webinar live

As tempting as it is to record your webinar, edit it and make it available online for people to watch anytime is, live webinars tend to convert much higher than pre-recorded webinars. Live webinars enable you to interact with the audience in real time and therefore enable the audience to be involved and engaged in your presentation. Plus, live webinars allow you to answer questions on the spot and therefore eliminate any sales objections that can occur.

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2. Include a guarantee

One of the most effective ways to get people over the line and decide to buy is by offering a risk-free guarantee. There are two forms of guarantees you can offer: an unconditional guarantee and a conditional guarantee. An unconditional guarantee means that for whatever reason, they can claim a full refund. A conditional guarantee means they have to perform an action prior to requesting a refund, either by sending the product back, submitting homework or proving they tried the product and they didn’t experience the results expected. Usually, offering unconditional guarantees increases conversions dramatically as it eliminates risk for the buyer.

3. Include an FAQ section

A good habit to adopt at the end of a webinar is adding a “frequently asked questions” slide to answer typical questions people may have about the product or service you offer. This section is used to eliminate as many sales objections as possible and answer questions people might have but are not asking. For example, your FAQ section could include the following questions:

-How soon can I experience results after using the product?

-Can I share the product with my partner?

-What happens after I purchase the product?

-How much time do I need to dedicate every day to using the product?

4. Include testimonials or proof

You’ve probably heard the saying “nothing sells like proof” before. And, on webinars, having proof or testimonials is key to increasing conversions. Since 70% of consumers seek other people’s opinions before buying according to a study from Mintel, if you don’t include any, it could sabotage your webinar. How testimonials are worded is also critical. Avoid testimonials that don’t include clear results your customers have experienced. For example, should you be selling a weight loss product, your testimonials should clearly state how much weight they lost, how easily and how fast they lost weight thanks to you or your product. Avoid testimonials that simply state how good you are as a person, such as “I really enjoyed working with XYZ because he’s patient and friendly” at all costs. People buy results and therefore your testimonials should underline results. If you are at the beginning stages of your business and haven’t collected testimonials yet, replace them with proof, such as screenshots, before and after pictures, etc…

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5. Being aware of time

As you deliver your webinar, always keep an eye out on time as you don’t want your presentation to go too fast and end up being only a few minutes long, as it won’t allow you to build enough rapport with your audience. You also want to make sure your webinar doesn’t go overtime or else you’ll experience a drop off in attendees which will affect your conversion rate. If you marketed your webinar as a 60 minute presentation, make sure it ends after 60 minutes or a few minutes earlier. People would rather attend a presentation that finishes slightly earlier rather than runs overtime as most will usually have plans scheduled straight after.

6. Add scarcity to your offer

One of the best ways to get people to take action on a webinar is by adding an element of scarcity. Scarcity marketing is the process of underlining that the offer won’t be available after a certain date or will be hard to obtain in the future. So when it comes to adding scarcity on a webinar, there are several ways you can do it. Either offer bonuses that will only be available if people purchase that day, or offer a time limit where the offer is no longer available after a few minutes or hours, or offer a time sensitive discount. The key when using scarcity marketing is making sure you honour your word, or else next time you try using scarcity marketing it won’t be as effective.

7. Calling prospects

One of the most underutilized methods of closing more sales is calling webinar attendees who didn’t purchase. Based on our experience, you can make an extra 30% sales by simply calling attendees and answering their objections. Most of the time people don’t buy because they don’t know how the product or service can help them based on their circumstances. Sometimes, they really wanted to buy but didn’t have a credit card or didn’t want to make a purchase online and prefer making a bank deposit. By following the process of calling non-buyers, you’ll notice how easily you can generate more sales simply by answering questions or offering solutions to their concerns.

8. Not offering too many options

Often times, people have several products and services to sell and use one single webinar to try and offer all of them individually. Unfortunately, the more options you offer the less people buy. The saying “a confused mind never buys” absolutely applies to webinars. The more options there are, the more confused people get, and the more confused they get the less likely they are to buy. Instead, deliver a webinar per package you want to sell. For example, should you want to sell a membership subscription, one for $47 a month and another one for $97 with add-ons, create one webinar to sell the $47 subscription and a separate one to sell the $97 one and notice what a difference it makes to your conversions.

Turning Your passion into Multiple Income Streams

9. Including a Q&A session

Lastly, a guaranteed formula for increasing your conversions is by including a questions and answers session after the webinar. Not only is it an opportunity for you to add more value to people and further position yourself as an expert, it is also a great opportunity to answer any sales objections people may have. For example, if someone is reluctant to buy because they are going on holiday and fear they won’t be able to commit to the product, and ask the question “can I buy now and use it later?” – answering this common objection is a sure fire way to generating more sales.


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